Tina M. Talley

A long time Romulus resident and a Romulus High School graduate in addition to her only son, James A. Givens who is also a graduate of Romulus High School.  Following graduation from Romulus High, Tina’s accomplishments are as follows:


  • Received her Bachelor’s Degree from Davenport University and subsequently earned her Masters of Finance at Walsh College of
    Accountancy in Novi, MI.
  • Extensive history and background in the banking industry with her banking career spanning approximately 15 years including her current tenure at TD Auto Finance. She began in an entry level position in banking, NBD Bank, and quickly advanced through various areas of the banking organization which include approximately 10 years of Commercial Lending. Tina’s current role is a credit analyst at TD Auto Finance located in Farmington Hills, MI.
  • Background experience also includes roles within her church home, Triumph Church, a church with 7 campuses across Metropolitan Detroit with over 20,000 congregants and over 80 ministries. Tina’s work at Triumph Church includes a substantial amount of volunteer work within Triumph Church in various capacities with the most significant impact as the Former Department Head/Director of Evangelism and Outreach where the focus was the plight of the homeless, unemployed, helpless and disadvantaged.
  • Current emphasis is investing in the City of Romulus the community where she grew up and currently resides. Tina’s involvement within the community includes the following:
    • Currently secretary of the Romulus Ministerial Alliance.
    • Graduate of the Romulus Citizen Academy and appointed President of the Romulus Citizens Academy Alumni Association soon thereafter.
    • Commissioner of the Romulus Police, Fire and Safety Commission.
    • Planning committee member of the annual Martin Luther King Celebration in the City of Romulus.
    • Member of the Romulus CPR Community Forum.
    • Co-Organizer of the Romulus Annual Soul Food Dinner and Program.
    • Member of the Romulus Democratic Club.
    • Member of the Emmaus Group in the City of Romulus.
    • Participation in various other committees in the City of Romulus.

Before anything else in her life, Tina is a Christian with tremendous love for Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Her true purpose is being a devout Christian and doing what pleases the Lord.

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